Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tech companies pitch in on earthquake response

Google Crisis Response
Credit: japanprobe.com
SEATTLE – Google, Twitter and other technology companies are finding ways to help following last week's earthquake in Japan.

Google Inc. has an online "person finder" for people seeking information about a missing person.

Microsoft Corp. is offering free technical support and temporary software licenses to companies affected by the earthquake. It has also pledged $250,000 in cash.

Twitter is trying to help organize the flood of information flowing through its system. It is suggesting people use certain tags for general earthquake information, requests for rescue and other related topics.

Amazon.com Inc. and Yahoo Inc. have links on their home pages encouraging people to donate to the relief efforts.

Source: Yahoo News

pledge: promise
floodan overwhelming number or amount
tagkeyword or term assigned to a piece of information (if searched, it will be found easily)

What can you do to help?

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