Thursday, March 31, 2011

Women Are Better at Dealing With Money Than Men

Men, Women and Money
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An international survey has found out that women are better at managing money than men. They work harder to become financially independent and they are not as likely to get into debt as men.

The survey showed that both men and women think the same. Almost 5,000 men and women in 12 countries were asked.

Although 40% of women said they used credit cards most of them thought that having more than one credit card could lead to financial problems. On the other side most women admitted that they spent more than men.

The results of the survey could help companies understand the needs of women because they live longer and usually have less money when they retire. Women who share their money with their husband often suffer more when a relationship ends. Some of them have saved up money if they get into such a situation, others simply don't care.

About 6 out of every 10 women said they were financially independent. However almost half thought that a man should be responsible for paying the mortgage or house payments.

Vocabulary Words: Read the following words, its meaning and the sample sentence. Try using the vocabulary words in your own sentences.

1. survey (n.): a statistical study that shows numbers on a topic
  • The survey says that 40% of women use credit cards.
2. debt (n.): the money that you owe to someone
  • The president of the company does not have a debt to anyone.
3. lead to (v.): cause
  • Eating red meat can lead to heart attacks.
4. admit (v.): to agree that something is true
  • I admit that he is very handsome.
5. needs (n.): things that a person has to have in order to live
  • My husband provides our family's needs.
6. retire (v.): to stop working because you have become too old
  • Grandfather will retire next year.
7. mortgage (n.): the money that you borrow from a bank so that you can pay for your house; you pay back a certain amount every month
  • The couple couldn't pay for the mortgage anymore because they went bankrupt.
Additional Words:

manage: handle
independent: you don't need anyone else
share: to have something with someone else
relationship: a marriage or just living together
responsible: in charge of , its someone's job

Comprehension Check: Read and answer the question. (Based on the article)
1. What was the result of the survey?
2. How can the survey help financial companies?
3. Why are women better at managing money?

Agree or Disagree: Explain your answer.
1. Women are better at managing money than men.
2. I would like to live a life that needs less money.

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