Wednesday, April 13, 2011

China's no. 1 fat kid seeks help in Hong Kong

Rather than bullying Xiao Hao, his peers generally seem to find his weight endearing.
Credit to: CNN Go
Lu Zhi-hao is an obese child hailing from Shunde, Guangdong. The four-year-old is 110 centimeters tall and weighs 62 kilograms. The Chinese media dubs him "China's no. 1 fat kid." Known as "Xiao Hao" by friends and family, the kid has been taken to several hospitals in Guangdong to find out why he's so fat, but doctors can only say that it is down to bad eating habits. If he doesn't do something about his weight now, doctors predict Xiao Hao's obesity will become life-threatening by the time he turns 20.

According to Apple Daily, a Hong Kong weight-loss center has offered to help Xiao Hao lose weight for free. The center, which has not given out its name, uses non-intrusive Japanese technology to help the body break down fat. Xiao Hao's parents are now applying for a permit to travel to Hong Kong and hope to be here with their rotund child in a couple of weeks. "We believe there must be specialists in Hong Kong who can help us," says Xiao Hao's father, Lu Ye-ming.

The mother and father of the child are both of normal weight, and obesity has not been a part of the family's health history. Xiao Hao slowly ate his way to fatness. But he's been put on a diet now, which means cutting down from his regular three bowls of rice per meal to just one bowl. Apple Daily's video of Xiao Hao at school shows him finishing his bowl of rice at lightning speed and begging his friends for their lunches. When they don't cooperate, he steals a meatball from his neighbor's bowl. He is rewarded with a punch to the face, but the swing hardly seems to have an impact on the child's puffy cheeks.

The WHO says more than 20 percent of the population in some Chinese cities are now obese.

Source: CNNgo

Vocabulary Words: Read the word/s, meaning and the sample sentence. Try making your own sentence afterwards.

1. dub (v.): give a nickname to
  • The Chinese media dubs him "China's no. 1 fat kid."
2. obesity (n.): more than average fatness
  • Obesity is a fast-growing health problem these days.
3. life-threatening (adj.): very dangerous; can cause death
  • Cancer is a life-threatening disease.
4. intrusive (adj.): aggressive in an unwelcome manner
  • The technology that was recently discovered to cure AIDS is very intrusive.
5. rotund (adj.): spherical in shape; excessively fat
  • The child is rotund.
6. obese (adj.): excessively fat
  • The WHO says more than 20 percent of the population in some Chinese cities are now obese.

Comprehension Check: Read and answer the questions based on the article.
1. How does the article describe "China's no. 1 fat kid"?
2. Why will the child go to Hong Kong?
3. What is the main reason why the child is very fat?

Agree or Disagree: Explain your answer.
1. Obesity is a very serious problem.
2. Obesity can be cured.
3. Obesity is increasing.
4. Obesity is worse than anorexia.
5. Obesity is a choice, not a disease.

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