Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Female players get football league in England

Women's Football
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Women's football - or soccer as it's known in many countries - has been played in England for more than a hundred years. But, unlikemen's football, it's always been an amateur game. The new Super League will be the first semi-professional competition for women, with eight teams from across the country competing for the title.

The players will get paid for their efforts, although their salaries will be nothing like those given to top male football stars. The Football Association says it hopes to avoid uneven competition, where a country's richest clubs get access to all the best players.

Each club in the women's Super League will have a maximum annual budget of around $400,000. Some clubs, like Arsenal and Everton, will be helped by their respective male clubs, but others are trying to match their incomes by coaching school pupils or raising money through social events.

Organisers are hoping the league will eventually attract the world's best female players and stop England's top stars heading to Germany and the United States, where there are already major professional competitions.

Maddy Savage, BBC News

Vocabulary Words: Read the words and meaning. Try making your own sentence afterwards.

1. amateur (n.): not professional, not done for money
2. efforts (n.): attempts to do something
3. avoid (v.): stay away from, prevent meeting
4. uneven (adj.): unbalanced, unequal
5. budget (n.): amount of money available
6. to match: to equal
7. incomes (n.): monies or amounts regularly earned
8. eventually (adv.): some time in the future, probably after delays or problems
9. heading to (v.): going to, leaving for

Comprehension Check: Read and answer the questions based on the article.
1. Can you describe "Women's Football" in your own words? (Based on paragraph 1)
2. Are the women going to receive the same salary (pay) as men players? Explain.
3. What do organizers hope?
4. How will the clubs pay the women players?

Agree or Disagree: Explain your answer.
1. In the future, Women's Football will be as popular as Men's Football.
2. I want to be a football star!
3. Football is the most interesting sport.

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