Thursday, May 26, 2011

19-year-old man arrested for beating up woman's 5-year-old daughter

A 19-year-old man was arrested in Kobe on Wednesday for assaulting and injuring the second daughter of the 31-year-old woman with whom he was living.
According to police, on May 20, the 5-year-old girl was taken to a doctor who informed the Kobe Child Welfare Center of the possibility that she was suffering from abuse, after discovering that she had sustained broken ribs and that her body was covered in bruises. The center then informed the police on Wednesday, at which point the nature of the alleged assaults came to light.
The testimony of the woman’s other children led to the man’s arrest. The man began living with the woman and her four children in March of this year. The woman’s eldest son, aged just 8, and eldest daughter, aged 7, both told police they had witnessed the man punching and kicking their sister since April.
The children’s mother was quoted by police as saying: “I had no idea any mistreatment had been taking place.”
Vocabulary Words: Read the vocabulary words and the example sentences. Make your own sentence using the vocabulary word/s afterwards.
assault (v. or n.): attack
            The kidnapper assaulted the child.
            The old lady experienced assaults.
injure (v.): hurt badly
            The man injured his wife.
suffer (v.): to experience pain
            I don’t want to suffer from divorce.
abuse (v. or n.): to treat in a harmful way; to hurt; to harm; to injure
            He abused the child.
            The old lady experienced abuse.
bruise (n.): an injury of the skin, with discoloration
            After the fight, the man got bruises.
alleged (adj.): not yet proven; without evidence or proof
            He is the alleged murderer.
came to light (v.): was/were discovered
            The cure for cancer came to light.
testimony (n.): statement of the witness
            Her testimony is very important for the investigation.
punch (v.): to hurt someone using the fist (hand)
            He punched the woman.
kick (v.): to hurt someone using the leg/foot
            He kicked the woman.
mistreatment (n.): abuse
            The child experienced mistreatment.

Comprehension check: Answer the questions based on the article.
1. Why was the 19-year-old man arrested?
2. Why did the doctor say that the girl was suffering from abuse?
3. What did the woman’s other children say about the man?
4. Did the woman know that her daughter is being abused?

Agree or Disagree: Explain your answer.
1. Child abuse is a problem in Japan.
2. The crime rate in Japan is very high.
3. I had been a victim of a crime.

What do you think are the reasons why people abuse other people?

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