Monday, May 23, 2011

Tongue Twisters (Part 1)

Tongue Twisters

1) Through thick and thin, Sheila and Seth see things through together. Sheila sees Seth as Seth sees Sheila. Seth and Sheila are certain they will be together forever.

2) Esau Wood sawed wood. All the wood Esau Wood saw, Esau Wood would saw. All the wood he saw, Esau sought to saw. One day Esau Wood's wood-saw would saw no wood. So Esau Wood sought a new wood-saw. The new wood-saw would saw wood. Oh, the wood Esau Wood would saw. Esau sought a saw that would saw wood as no other wood-saw would saw. And Esau found a saw that would saw as no other wood-saw would saw. And Esau Wood sawed wood.

3) Victor believes Vivian is the most vivacious and wonderful woman in the world. Bill wishes Victor's views were valid. "Vivian? That venomous viper?" Victor vows he'll wed Vivian, even if he is just seventeen. Will Vivian ever know of Victor's wedding vision? Does she even know Victor's name?

4) She sells seashells by the seashore. The seashells she sells are seashore seashells.

5) Tom's wife Tanya left town on Tuesday for two weeks in Thailand. Tom is left with two tiny kids to take care of. Tom only knows how to cook toast and tacos. Tonight he'll take tomatoes and put them atop toast. Tomorrow he'll get take-out food. The next day, he'll stuff meat and potatoes into taco shells and present a tasty treat to his two tiny tots.

Source: ESL Mania

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