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Tall People Have Greater Risk of Cancer

Tall People Have Greater Risk of Cancer
Source: Slanted Science

Scientists have found that tall people have a higher risk of getting cancer. Researchers from Britain’s University of Oxford say that for every 10 cm above 150 cm, a person was 16 per cent more likely to get cancer. Women who were over 175 cm tall were 37 per cent more at risk than women who were 150 cm. The study found that with tallest women the rate of cancer was 10 per thousand women. For smaller women, it was 7.5 per thousand. The study was very large. It looked at the health of over one million women between 1996 and 2001.

Cancer experts said tall people do not need to be worried by this new report. They say that being tall is not a reason for cancer and that there are other things that cause cancer. One reason might be tall people have more cells, so there is a higher chance of cells becoming cancerous. Another possibility is that growth hormones add to the risk of cancer. Doctors say the most important way to reduce the risk of cancer is to live healthily. People who smoke, drink lots of alcohol and are overweight have a bigger risk of getting cancer.

Source: News English Lessons

Vocabulary Words: Read the vocabulary words, the definitions and the example sentences. Make your own sentence using the vocabulary word/s afterwards.

1. more likely (adj.): higher chance to happen / to become
  • The student is more likely to get low grades because he is not studying.
2. looked at the health (v.): examined the health / studied the health
  • The doctor looked at the health of the boy.
3. cell (n.): smallest part of the body
  • We have billions of cells inside our body.
4. hormone (n.): a chemical that is produced by the body to help our body parts function normally
  • We have hormones to make us taller.
5. reduce (v.): lessen, make smaller
  • The price of the meat has to be reduced so that many people can eat.

Comprehension check: Answer the questions based on the article.
1. Who are the people with higher chances of having cancer?
2. How will we prevent cancer?
3. What are the reasons why tall people are more likely to have cancer?

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