Thursday, November 3, 2011

Plastic Surgery For Pets Increasing

 Level: Easy
Dog having a plastic surgery
A British pet insurance company has said plastic surgery for pets is increasing. The insurer, Petplan, reported a 25 per cent increase in spending on cosmetic surgery for cats and dogs. In 2010, the company paid almost $2.5 million for nose operations for dogs and over $1.6 million for eyelid lifts. Petplan managers say the rise in cosmetic surgery means animals can live “healthier and more active lives”. Many operations are for medical reasons. Some dogs have nose jobs to help fix breathing problems.

Source: News English Lessons (Click link to read more)

Vocabulary Review: Read the vocabulary words and the definitions. Make your own sentence using the vocabulary word/s afterwards.
1. insurance (n.)
ExampleSompo Japan is an insurance company.

2. plastic surgery (n.) - surgery to repair or fix body parts; s surgery to improve a person's appearance
Example: The singer had a plastic surgery.

3. insurer (n.) - the company or person that gives a insurance
Example: Sompo Japan is a famous insurer.

4. operation (n.) - surgery
Example: She had an operation because she has cancer.

5. eyelid lift (n.) - a surgery to make the eyes beautiful
Example: The woman's eyelid lift was successful.

6. nose job (n.) - a surgery to make the nose beautiful/tall
Example: My grandmother had a nose job.

Comprehension check: Answer the questions based on the article.
1. How much did the insurance company pay for nose operations?
2. How much did the insurance company pay for eyelid lifts?
3. Why are some dogs having nose jobs?

Viewpoint Discussion: AGREE or DISAGREE. Support your answer.
1. Pets are very important to human beings.
2. It is okay to spend money on cosmetic surgery.

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